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Commercial Loans

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We arrange loans of up to 70% of the purchase price of the business or its valuation, whichever is lower. We have raised funding for Residential Care and Nursing Homes, Hotels, Warehouses, Factories, Industrial Units, Shops, Post Offices, Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, and many other establishments. (Up to 100% can be arranged with additional security).

We understand purchasing and running any business for the first time, or even second or third time is not an easy task. Proper preparation and planning is essential to its success. This is equally true when it comes to arranging finance to acquire a business. The initial presentation of a proposal to a prospective lender can be crucial; once a request for a loan has been declined due to a sketchy proposal or incomplete information, it is difficult to turn it around. Therefore, any proposal to a lender must contain all necessary business plans and cash-flow projections proving that the business is capable of generating enough profit to repay the loan after considering other expenses involved with the business.



"We understand purchasing and running any business is not an easy task. BA Financial Management has managed to arrange commercial loans in the unlikeliest of cases."



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